Sandro Botticelli

Sandro Botticelli was a master of the Renaissance in the true sense of the word and he captured the celestial beauty mastering movement and light. Born in 1445 in Florence the Renaissance and art was alive and he became an artist’s apprentice at fourteen years old. He was a true master that concentrated on celestial and human being combinations and he used delicate contrasts and clear contours in his paintings.

Using soothing colours and elegant poses in paintings like Madonna of the Book and Adoration of the Magi. Two other masterpieces he is well known for are The Birth of Jesus and Primavera which he did during 1482 and 1485. Aside from his brilliance in scene creation and alluring lines he was one of the few that was an accomplished portrait artists too.

He had a tremendous gift for capturing and depicting emotions on canvas and this is clear when looking ta paintings like La bella Simonetta and Portrait of a Young Man. He continued doing commissions however after 11502 for some reason he was commissioned for works less even though he served on several committees including a committee that decided where the David from Michelangelo should be placed.

Botticelli was one of the greats that was not as appreciated in his lifetime as many of his peers and contemporaries. His work remained in villas and churches for many decades until the 19th century when it appeared and were rediscovered by art collectors and appreciators. Looking at the greatness of the late painter who receive very little accolades during his lifetime, he went to become the painter of the Renaissance that received the most comments and written word in the 1900 that any other painter before him.

When he passed away in 1510 he had never been married even though it is believed that he was in love with a noble woman called Simonetta Vespucci from which he drew the inspiration for his unique female figures he painted. One of the strangest things about him was the request to be buried at Simonetta Vespucci’s feet in Florence in the Church of Ognissanti upon his death. Today he is still a celebrated painter and important part of the Renaissance and art world. Finding his work in art collections and private collections aside from museums one of his paintings are shown on Onlinebahisyap, an online casino website with a passion and appreciation for Renaissance art.