High Renaissance Art

Works of art popularity increased with the Catholic Church heavily influencing art with major support for art from religious organizations, monasteries, convents and popes. The government also continued its support with many wealthy families commissioning artwork throughout Florence. During the early 1490’s Florence was the Renaissance art capital but it changed in the late 1400 to 1527.

When the 14th century ended it became clear that Florence is taking second place to Rome, who became the art capital. During the high Renaissance art period with Pope Leo X at the helm three world-renowned masters emerged. These dominant painters were Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. This period of high-Renaissance lasted until Rome was overthrown by Spain’s holy Emperor Charles V in 1527. The painter known as the Renaissance man who painted from 1452 until 1519 was Leonardo Da Vinci with his massive talent, classical values and high intellect.

One of his best known is the Mona Lisa which he painted during 1503 till 1505. Two of his other outstanding paintings that everybody knows include the 1495 to 1498 painting, The Last Supper and the 1485 painting called The Virgin of the Rocks. He clearly indicated through his expertise that he knew the balance between objects, animals, humans with landscapes and his incredible ability to successfully portray shadows and light in his work.

Raphael Sanzio even though he was the youngest of the renaissance masters was extraordinary. In 1508 to 1511 he painted The School of Athens and he also had the opportunity to work in the Vatican when Michal Angelo painted his own work. During this period other names worthy of a mention include Correggio, Titian, Giorgione and Bramante. Obviously during this period from 1475 until 1564 was the great Michelangelo Buonarroti who stood out as Renaissance sculptor and some of his prominent pieces include the David and the Pieta in St. Peter’s Cathedral in 1499. As both a sculptor and painter even Michelangelo regarded himself as sculptor first then painter.