Early Renaissance Finest Works

Starting in Florence the early renaissance depicted human and nature’s beauty artistically even though there was still a touch of gothic art present. Some of the most prominent artists that were part of the beginning of renaissance art are listed below.

Lorenzo Ghiberti with Gates of Paradise – it took close to 27 years to complete these bronze doors initially commissioned by the Florence baptistery. This masterpiece depict the Old Testament on ten panels. Even though you see a copy of it currently the original are housed in the Museum dell Opera del Duomo.

Andrea Mantegna Lamentation over the Dead Christ is outstanding and offer wonderful illusionist and perspective work. It was created in 1490 and housed in Italy in the Pinacoteca di Brera.

Pierro Della Francesca Flagellation of the Christ has its main focus not on the flagellation in the background, but the three figures to its right. Very little is known as to its true meaning and who commissioned it, but it is on display in Italy in the National Gallery of the Marche.

Sandro Botticelli the Birth of Venus is the artist’s most famous and also excellent example of early renaissance painting with Venus coming from the sea on a sea shell. It is a nude with a shy covering of breasts and genital area and it was commissioned to depict love and beauty. It was created during 1482 and 1485 and now you can see it in Florence in the Uffizi Gallery.

Sandro Botticelli The Spring is another masterpiece in the Uffizi Gallery and painted from 1477 to 1482 and another painting that has very little meaning or reason it appears. It is a picture of Venus with a dancing Flora and wind Zephyr chasing them. Also on the painting is three Graces and the God Mercury’s messenger.

Paulo Uccello, St George and the Dragon is on display in London’s National Gallery and painted in 1470. It depicts St. George rescuing the princess by killing the dragon and a perfect example of renaissance mixed with gothic art.

Fra Angelico The Annunciation which was done between 1438 and 1445 is currently in Florence in the San Marco Museum and depicts the Virgin Mary finding out that she is pregnant and announced by Angel Gabriel.

Masaccio Expulsion from the Garden of Eden was created in 1425 where it currently is in the Bargello Museum.