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Sandro Botticelli

Sandro Botticelli was a master of the Renaissance in the true sense of the word and he captured the celestial beauty mastering movement and light. Born in 1445 in Florence the Renaissance and art was alive and he became an artist’s apprentice at fourteen years old. He was a true master that concentrated on celestial […]


When you say the name Raphael you think of the spirit of the Renaissance and aside from that you know that this man was Michelangelo’s great rival. You will find many historians and scholars comparing the two and agreeing that Raphael could possibly be the only one that matched the extraordinary talent and brilliance of […]


If you look at one of the most talented and inspirational artists then and now, you will have to say it was and is Michelangelo. In his lifetime he and the world saw changes after and during the decline of the Roman Empire with changes sweeping through scientific, politics and religious beliefs. He was a […]

Leonardo da Vinci

Speaking about renaissance art and not mentioning Leonardo da Vinci is a sin as he was a real genius who lived from 1452 until 1519. When you think Renaissance his name comes up instinctively. The earlier years of da Vinci are not well documented aside from the fact that he was born out of wedlock […]

Early Renaissance Finest Works

Starting in Florence the early renaissance depicted human and nature’s beauty artistically even though there was still a touch of gothic art present. Some of the most prominent artists that were part of the beginning of renaissance art are listed below. Lorenzo Ghiberti with Gates of Paradise – it took close to 27 years to […]

Outstanding Religious Renaissance Paintings

Many of the great renaissance painters concentrated on religious paintings and themes and often well-to-do people which included the Pope commissioned paintings related to religion. It was an era deeply filled with religion and that might be the reason why these renaissance paintings might very well be the greatest of the period. Pieter Bruegel the […]

Techniques and Characteristics of Renaissance Art

It was a wonderful two hundred years when you look at art from 1400 until 1600 with a brilliant collection of architecture, sculpture, fine art painting and drawing. Since it were all focused on Italy and referred to as Renaissance which the French know as rebirth art historian’s love explaining the techniques and characteristics from […]

Expansion and Decline of Renaissance

Looking at renaissance art in practice we find that most depict religious imaging for example Madonna, or the Virgin Mary and until today excellent examples of renaissance art perfection. During the renaissance period however these paintings and sculptures were devotional objects and incorporated into religious rituals and mass. A typical renaissance artist were not the […]

High Renaissance Art

Works of art popularity increased with the Catholic Church heavily influencing art with major support for art from religious organizations, monasteries, convents and popes. The government also continued its support with many wealthy families commissioning artwork throughout Florence. During the early 1490’s Florence was the Renaissance art capital but it changed in the late 1400 […]

Renaissance Art Origins and Development

The specific period that follows the Middle Ages is called the Renaissance, during which Europe started taking a significant interest in the ancient times, values and cultures of Rome and Greece. It was a time of growth and political stability, new astronomy systems, new technologies, exploring of new continents and at the same time a […]